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In response to the 2024 Hualien earthquake, the National Property Administration provided national real estate to assist local governments in disaster relief and reconstruction and assisted tenants of national land in the disaster-stricken areas to rebuild their homes

        The 2024 Hualien earthquake caused some houses to collapse in the Hualien area. On April 4, Premier Chen of the Executive Yuan inspected the Hualien Disaster Response Center and instructed that all ministries should make every effort to assist the local government in disaster relief and reconstruction based on the three principles of "prioritizing, speeding up, and simplifying". The NPA stated that in order to assist the Hualien County Government in its recovery and reconstruction, it has provided nine pieces of national land (an area of more than 2.1 hectares) in the Shibi Section of Hualien City for emergency temporary construction and demolition waste storage after earthquake disasters in accordance with the relevant provisions of the National Property Act and the Disaster Prevention and Protection Act. A total of six pieces of national land (an area of ​​more than 1.8 hectares) in the Minyi and Minxiao sections of the Meilun area are used by the government to resettle residents whose houses were severely damaged by the earthquake. In addition, 92 state-owned houses were provided to the government for evaluation in order to determine whether or not to use them as shelter and resettlement places for residents.

        Moreover, in order to assist the tenants of national land in Hualien and other disaster-stricken areas to rebuild their homes as soon as possible, the NPA took the initiative to adopt the following relief measures to assist those whose houses on national land were damaged, rendered unusable or uninhabitable as a result of the earthquakes: (1) Take the initiative to create a rental inventory and send it to the disaster prevention and relief agency to check the damage to the house in order to facilitate the application for rent remission. (2) If tenants of national building lots need to repair their above-ground houses after a disaster, a letter of consent for land use rights will be issued to assist them in the process. (3) The collection of rent from tenants and compensation for occupants in the disaster-stricken areas is temporarily suspended.

        The NPA emphasized that in order to assist local governments in post-disaster reconstruction work and tenants of national land to rebuild their homes as quickly as possible, it will continue to use national resources to support local governments in borrowing national land in response to temporary or emergency needs after disasters and provide relief to the tenants of national land. Measures will be taken to continuously cooperate with the central and local governments in promoting and implementing post-disaster reconstruction work to contribute to the people's peace of mind.

Press Release Contact: Tseng Chien-Ming, Section Chief

Contact number: +886-27718121 ext. 1631

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2024-05-13 Last updated:2024-06-19 Click times:99