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The MOF reminds people of the requirements of the Preferential Housing Loans for the Youth, aiming to help them to purchase houses for their own residential purpose

  In order to improve the housing market and assist houseless families to purchase houses for their own residential purpose, the Preferential Housing Loans for the Youth of the Ministry of Finance (hereinafter as the Loans) will provide additional interest subsidies starting from August 1, 2023. The loan period of the Loans will be raised to a maximum of 40 years with an extended grace period of five years and reduced monthly loan payments, aiming to help alleviate the initial burdens on repayment, effectively mitigating the financial loads on people purchasing houses for their own residential purpose. 

  According to the Ministry of Finance, the Loans are applicable to "adults who do not own houses for themselves, their spouses, and minor children." Banks with government-owned shareholdings which receives loan applications will review the financial capabilities of the applicants, including qualifications, credit status, and income and expenditure burdens. Approvals will be granted to those who meet the requirements, thus realizing the policy objective of purchasing a house for residential purpose by the owner.

Contact Person: Director LIN, Dong-Fu
Contact Tel. (02)2322-8057

Issued:National Treasury Administration Release date:2023-09-04 Last updated:2023-09-05 Click times:318