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Lessees of national lands in areas stricken by torrential rains were assisted by the National Property Administration (NPA) in handling measures for rent reduction and exemption

In response to the recent torrential rains that have caused disasters in some areas of Taiwan, the National Property Administration specifically reminded the lessees of national lands to handle matters of rent reduction and exemption directly related to themselves, as provided in regulations, as soon as possible.

As per the NPA, in order to assist those lessees of national lands who suffered damage from the torrential rains, the NPA has instructed its subordinate Region Branches, Offices, as well as municipal and county (city) governments under its jurisdiction (if such local governments are listed under the published disaster-stricken areas) to promptly take the following measures on their own initiative: (1) To provide leasing information to township (town, city, district) offices in their jurisdiction for such offices to provide rosters of disaster lessees (including the percentage of agreed rent reduction or exemption), where the rosters can then be used for handling the matters of rent reduction and exemption related to national cultivated lands, conserved lands, agricultural lands, livestock lands. and aquaculture lands. (2) To pay attention to subsequent damage by the torrential rains. Where there is any damage to the above-ground premises of the lessees of the national lands, rescue authorities should be contacted to implement disaster prevention and to survey the damage to the above-ground premises. Where there is a need for repairing the post-disaster above-ground premises, the leasing authorities shall assist the lessees thereof by promptly issuing letters of consent on land use right. (3) To suspend the collection of rent arrears from lessees in the disaster areas, and the recovery of land user compensation.

Furthermore, as per the NPA, should the lessees of national lands in the disaster-stricken areas have any doubts or concerns about rent reduction and exemption, or premises reconstruction, they are encouraged to inquire at the nearest NPA subordinate Region Branch or Office, or call the NPA’s toll-free hotline at +886-800-357-666.

Press Release Contact: Wu Wan-Zhen, Section Chief

Contact number: +886-27718121 ext. 1221

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2022-12-12 Last updated:2022-12-19 Click times:443