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PPP Business Opportunities Forum for Long-term Care, and Environment Protection and Energy held by Ministry of Finance in October

In order to assist in long-term care, environment protection and energy, as well as major public infrastructure using the PPP method, the Ministry of Finance will hold two themed sessions of PPP business opportunities forums on the 5 and 14 of October, 2021 for long-term care, and environment protection and energy projects. The forum will take place in both physical and virtual formats, with the online live streamed on the PPP i MAP website. The purpose is to facilitate more matches and to exchange investment opinions with the civil society. Domestic and overseas industry players are encouraged to participate in the forum.

The Ministry of Finance indicated that the PPP i MAP launched on 19th August 2021 has compiled PPP projects from the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022. Most of the projects involve long-term care, and environment protection and energy (green energy, renewable water, and electricity facilities). A featured forum is organized to boost public and private collaboration and seek investment from the civil society in major public infrastructure for early provision of public services. The competent authorities will present business opportunities and invite central agencies as distinguished guests to explain policies. The interaction and discussion between the government and industries serve as reference for future planning to cater to market needs and increase the PPP success rate.

The Ministry of Finance further stated that the two sessions are planned to explore 13 long-term care PPP projects and five environment protection and energy PPP projects. The time, location, and more information about the sessions are shown in the appendix. A hybrid approach will be adopted with physical and virtual attendees in response to the level 2 epidemic alert. For those who would like to attend a physical forum, please contact Ms. Ju-Lin Yeh (at +886-7-5560868). In addition, they can also participate and exchange ideas on the live streaming platform “PPP i MAP” (https://www.2021taiwanppip.com.tw/).

Moreover, there is a giveaway event on the “PPP i MAP” website. From now to 8 October at 9:30 a.m., users of the website will be offered a coupon by filling out a questionnaire. They are encouraged to leave their valuable comments for the organizer to understand users’ needs in order to deliver better content and quality. The link to the questionnaire is as follows:



Press contact: Wei-Shuo Tung, Section Chief

Contact number: +886-2-2322-8214.

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