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KLC Strengthens Border Enforcement against Smuggling

Keelung Customs (KLC) just announced its major seizures of 2021 which included illicit drugs, drug precursors, and Chinese mushrooms, etc.  "The interceptions prevented illegal contraband from entering the country," KLC said. The agency stated that their front line officers are skilled at cracking down most stealthy and surreptitious smuggling attempts and are dedicated to their missions in safeguarding border security and public welfare. "We will continue strengthening our detection capability and enforcement efforts," KLC stressed.


KLC attributed the seizures to the vigilance and expertise of Customs officers and also to the state-of-the-art inspection tools that have been deployed at the border, such as non-intrusive examination instruments, as well as well-trained and reliable detector canines and advanced risk management mechanism.  "Close cooperation with other border agencies, such as prosecutors offices, police, Investigation Bureaus, and Coast Guard Administration, and of course, the public, is also crucial for effectively suppressing illegal smugglings, KLC added. 


KLC calls on importers/exporters to comply with Customs-related laws and be cautious about choosing partners in the trade chain, in order not to be involved in any unlawful acts intentionally or unintentionally. To report or provide any information related to smuggling or other types of customs fraud, please call the toll-free line (0800-306306). Informants may be rewarded up to NTD 4,800,000 and their identity will always be kept confidential.

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2022-04-25 Last updated:2022-04-25 Click times:443