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Apply online for debate

Apply online for debate
To protect your rights, please read the following instructions before you use the online application speech debate:
1. According to Article 65 of the Law of Pleading: "The accepting agency shall, in accordance with the application of the petitioner or the participant, or, if necessary, notify the petitioner, the participant or his representative, the petition agent, the assistant and the original The administrative disciplinary organs will send representatives to the designated premises for debate on the designated date." In order to strengthen the convenience of the people, the open petitioners and participants can use this service to apply for the verbal debate online.
2. Speech debate refers to the debate between the petitioner and the original disciplinary organ on the factual finding and the application of the decree. Finally, the appeal review committee makes a resolution. However, if the petitioner’s application for the speech debate is made, the Appeals Review Board may, in its discretion, consider whether it is necessary or not.
3. If the Department agrees to the application for verbal debate, it will separately notify the applicant in writing or by telephone of the speech at the appointed time and of the premises (please leave a contact number to make arrangements for the time of the speech debate); if the Department does not agree with the speech debate, the application will state the reasons for the non-compliance in the petition decision.
4. Information items to be filled in for online application speech debates:
(1) Basic information:
The name of the petitioner [such as natural person: Wang Xiaoming; sole proprietorship: Wang Xiaomingjun (i.e., ○○ firm); partnership: ○○ enterprise; company: ○○ company, etc.], petition case number, original punishment number (such as Uncertain the name of the petitioner, the petition case number, or the original disposition document number can be found in the progress system of the 23228000), the applicant (if the appointed agent is required to attach a letter of appointment, the participant should attach the relevant identity document), the name and address, contact number, etc. If it is a legal person or other group with a manager or representative, also provide its name and the name, address, and contact number of the representative or manager. (Please note that since the online application speech debate has been accepted, it has legal effect, so please be sure to fill in the name, address, and contact number; otherwise, it will not be accepted)
(2) The number of the original administrative disposition authority and the original administrative disposition.
(3) If the address changes, please inform the department to avoid affecting your rights and interests due to inability to deliver.
5. If you have any other petitions, you can also call us. The telephone number of this department is 02-23228000.

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