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Department of Planning


In May 1968, the Executive Yuan established “The Tax Reform Committee, Executive Yuan” to review the tax structure at that time and reform tax administration. At the conclusion of the Committee after two years’ study, the Executive Yuan approved the establishment of “The Taxation and Tariff Committee, Ministry of Finance” on July 1, 1970 to continue the work of the former “Tax Reform Committee, Executive Yuan,” and made it a permanent tax research agency in charge of long-term research on subjects related to our taxation system. Under the Taxation and Tariff Committee, there were four sections, which were in charge of research and planning of direct taxes and indirect taxes, international fiscal cooperation, review and compilation of tax laws and regulations, and editing and management of fiscal publications.

At the beginning of the Ministry of Finance, the Secretariat was set up to provide comprehensive secretary and staff services. Starting from 1987, four sections were allowed to set under the Secretariat, of which the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Finance also served as the Chief of Staff. In addition to being responsible for the review and verification of official documents, compilation of the administrative policy and administration plans, evaluation of policy performance, assessment of public services, and tracking and control of various important plans, the Secretariat was responsible for arranging and scheduling internal ministry meetings and affairs relating to the Premier’s visits and Control Yuan members’ inspections. The secretariat also compiled external work reports of the (Deputy) Minister, drafted manuscripts and letters, and handled press liaison-related affairs.

On January 1, 2013, the Ministry of Finance merged the Taxation and Tariff Committee (in charge of fiscal research and publication) with the Secretariat (in charge of administration planning, supervision, and evaluation-related services) into the Department of Planning.

The Department of Planning is divided into four sections: the Strategic Planning Section, Policy Research Section, Supervision and Evaluation Section, and Coordination Services Section.


 Sections Functions 
Strategic Planning Section
  1. Deliberating and coordinating major fiscal policies and measures.
  2. Compiling and coordinating national administrative policies as well as annual administration plans.
  3. Reviewing medium- and long-term individual projects and preliminary work of major social development projects.
  4. Arranging and scheduling internal ministry meetings and affairs relating to the Premier’s visits and Control Yuan members’ inspections.
  5. Compiling fiscal policy and administrative reports.
  6. Collecting and sorting information on the scope of issues involved in high-level meetings as well as compiling briefs and remarks as needed.
Policy Research Section
  1. Collecting, studying, and analyzing domestic and international fiscal policies and overall strategic plans.
  2. Analyzing, deliberating, and coordinating sovereign credit rating.
  3. Integrating the planning, coordination, and promotion of research projects.
  4. Analyzing, deliberating, planning, and coordinating international competitiveness evaluations.
  5. Analyzing and deliberating fiscal theories and domestic and international fiscal and economic conditions.
  6. Compiling the National Tax Expenditure Annual Report.
Supervision and Evaluation Section
  1. Control and assessment of individual projects; annual administrative performance assessment.
  2. Planning and assessing public services.
  3. Following up on the matters assigned by the President, Premier, and the Control Yuan.
  4. Coordinating document timeliness control and inspection.
  5. Dividing powers and responsibilities (stratified responsibility) review and compilation matters of the Ministry of Finance subordinate agencies.
  6. Implementing internal audit and risk management.
  7. Conducting consumer protection audit-related affairs.
Coordination Services Section
  1. Administration of the gazette sent by the Ministry of Finance and review of documents within the Ministry.
  2. Promoting the affairs of gender equality of the Ministry of Finance.
  3. Maintenance and management of the Library and the website of the History of the Ministry of Finance.
  4. Editing and management of fiscal publications.
  5. Management of the comprehensive affairs of the Department of Planning.


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