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March 25,2021

1.Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for January to February, 2021    
2.The Announcement of Government Bond and Treasury Bill Issuance in the 2nd Quarter of FY2021    
3.The payment period of the vehicle license tax of 2021 is from April 1, 2021 to May 3, 2021    
4.Announcement of the basic living expense per person for 2020    
5.Filing income tax return online is recommended if an individual having house and land transactions income     
6.Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for February 2021    
7.Summary of Exports and Imports for February 2021    
8.Improving the Quality and Efficiency of Land Surveys through Inter-Agency Integration and Sharing Map Data and Resources    
9.News headline: Profit-seeking enterprises can save time and receive rewards by producing all account books required documents electronically using the internet or multimedia    
10.What documents or certificates should be attached when claiming an itemized deduction for medical and maternity expenses?    
11.Resident aliens shall file their individual income tax returns before they leave Taiwan    
12.KLC Welcomes Applications for Outstanding Dedicated Coordinator Certificates    
13.Offshore e-commerce suppliers who sell cross-border electronic services to domestic individuals and have annual sales amount over NT$480,000 must apply for tax registration in the R.O.C.    
14.2020 External Trade Statistics Annual Adjustment and Statistics of Custom Affairs    

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