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October 25,2021

  1. From October 20, 2021, a new classification item, External Trade by Industry, has been added to the Trade Statistics Database    
  2. Taipei Customs' Suggestions on International Online Shopping    
  3. New version of the “Interactive Dashboard” is available online!!    
  4. Announcement of the basic living expense per person for 2021    
  5. Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for September 2021    
  6. Wedding gifts under a certain value that parents donate to their sons or daughters are excluded from the Gift Tax   
  7. Tax withholders must withhold income tax based on identity of the income recipient.    
  8. Summary of Exports and Imports for September 2021    
  9. NTD 144.9 billion signed in 2020, Six government agencies win PPP distinguished Awards    
  10. No need to worry about lost uniform invoices if business entities handle according to regulations.
  11. Total value of farmland given to the heir(s) provided under Section 1138 of the Civil Code is excluded from total amount of gifts for levying the gift tax.    
  12. For personal income tax return filing, could the choice of claiming standard deductions be changed to claiming itemized deductions?    
  13. Total amount of money for cloud invoice and printed certification copy prize for July to August 2021 exceeds NT$2.16 billion    
  14. KLC Urges Proper Declarations of Imported Used Vehicles
  15. Reminders When Applying for Tax Payment Certificate (English or Chinese) for Individual Income Tax.    
  16. Title: The "recheck application date" and the "date of filing the administrative appeal" are recognized based on different criteria    
  17. Statistical Bulletin No.18-From Jan. to Aug. 2021, intermediate products in Taiwan exports recorded the highest growth rate in nearly 11 years, with its share in total exports rising to 78.4%
  18. PPP Business Opportunities Forum for Long-term Care, and Environment Protection and Energy held by Ministry of Finance in October    
  19. Good News! The Applicable Period for Refund of the Commodity Tax on Purchasing Energy-saving Appliances is Extended for 2 Years Until June 14, 2023!    
  20. Uniform Invoices should be Issued in Accordance with the Regulations for the Shipping Fee Charged by Online Merchants to Buyers    
  21. Excerpts of Amendments to House and Land Transactions Income Tax 2.0    
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