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July 25,2020

1.KLC Shows Ways for Release of Provisional Attachment    
2.Regulations on Application for Extension of Estate Tax Return Filing    
3.Toll Free Number for Tax Consultancy Service in English Is Available Since July 1st, 2020    
4.The National Financial Stabilization Fund continues to execute its mission to stabilize the market    
5.Statistics of 2019 CRS data reported by Financial Institutions    
6.Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for June 2020
7.Optimized NII for Facilitating Customs Clearance    
8.Changes to tobacco and alcohol tax products should be registered.    
9.Summary of Exports and Imports for June 2020    
10.Differences in Paying VAT for Individuals and Businesses Purchasing Electronic Services from Offshore Electronic Services Suppliers.    
11.Individual house and land transaction income tax return for foreign taxpayers    
12.Customs Relaxes Restrictions on Handling Returns in Same Depot    
13.The Sale of Real Estate Will Be Subject to Different Time and Reasons, and Different Taxation Methods Apply. Careful Evaluation should Carry Out to Protect Your Rights and Interests.    

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