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April 25,2020

1.FIA issues the 2017 statistical book of assessed individual income tax filing data    
2.Taichung Customs Reminds Science Park Enterprises to Abide by Relevant Storage and Destruction Regulations for Discarding Bonded Goods    
3.UK residents may submit Digital Certificates of Residence as certification while applying for a TW-UK tax agreement benefits during its COVID-19 pandemic period    
4.The English version of the public financial statistics database and the local public financial database will be officially launched on April 20, 2020.
5.The NTBT Will Enforce Visitor Registration to Upgrade Anti-Infection Measures    
6.Taxpayers affected by the severe special infectious pneumonia (COVID-19) epidemic can apply for the deferred tax payments or for payments by installments. The amount of tax payable is not limited, and can be deferred for a maximum of 1 year or be paid in 3-year installments (36 installments).   
7.The National Financial Stabilization Fund continues to execute its mission to stabilize the market    
8.Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for March 2020    
9.Remember to Apply for Taxation Registration When You Use Social Networking Sites to Sell Goods or Services!    
10.For a Profit-seeking Enterprise of a Partnership, It Should Handle the Current Final Report and Liquidation Declaration When There is Only One Partner Left.    
11.Customs Announces Changes to Express Consignment Declaration System   
12.Certificate of Origin/ Quarantine/ Sanitary of Some Agricultural and Fishery Goods Will Be Acceptable in Customs Clearance from July 1, 2020    
13.Summary of Exports and Imports for March 2020    
14.Notice for Reporting Financial Institutions under the CRS regulations of the R.O.C.    
15.Total amount of money for cloud invoice and printed certification copy prize for January-February 2020 exceeds NT$1.906 billion    
16.To facilitate businesses applying for one-time transfer pricing in fiscal year, Customs Administration announces competent units and amends application form    
17.Double tax cuts for investment in smart machines and 5G system  
18.Deadline of the Recheck Application Period Will Not Be Extended When the Last Day of Application Falls on Makeup Workday    

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