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November 25,2021

  1. Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for September to October, 2021   
  2. Statistical Bulletin No.22-From Jan. to Oct. 2021, the export value of flower increased by 14.3%, of which Phalaenopsis accounted for 71.7%    
  3. Taxpayers are reminded to complete payment of the 2021 land value tax by the November 30 deadline    
  4. 2021 International Taxation Workshop will be held on November 22 at MOFTI    
  5. Installment interest shall be accrued for taxpayers paying estate tax in installments   
  6. The Agreement between the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Council for Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry for the Avoidance of Double Taxation with Respect to Taxes on Income and the Prevention of Tax Evasion entered into force on November 1st, 2021 and will be applicable on January 1st, 2022   
  7. Amendment to the Taiwan-UK Income Tax Agreement    
  8. More Convenient Services for the Public! Since September 1, 2021, The One-stop Service of The National Taxation Bureau Is Responsible for Replying The Financial Estate Lists of The Decedent    
  9. Is Foreclosure of House and Land Exempt from The House And Land Transactions Income Tax? A Big Misunderstanding!   
  10. Profit-Seeking Enterprises Obtaining Foreign-Source Income Should Note Whether There Are Applicable Income Tax Agreements  
  11. Corporations Filing Research & Development Expenditures as Tax Credits Shall Comply with the Relevant Regulations  
  12. Statistical Bulletin No.21- Due to the impact of coronavirus outbreak and enforcement of control measures, Sales (YoY) for the period of May to August in accommodation and food service industry and arts, entertainment and recreation industry fell 24.8% and 40.7%, respectively
  13. Pursuing Uncollected Tax Under Compulsory Enforcement Is Not Limited by the 5 Year Tax Collection Period 
  14. Business entities selling food and beverages or collecting parking fees via automatic vending machines shall issue uniform invoices on an item-by-item basis starting from January 1, 2022 
  15. Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for October 2021
  16. A Company or Limited Partnership Using a Certain Amount of Its Undistributed Earnings to Make Substantial Investment Can Benefit from Tax Incentives.    
  17. Constituent Entities of Multinational Enterprise Groups Shall Submit Master File or Country-by-Country Report within One Year after the End of the Fiscal Year.    
  18. Summary of Exports and Imports for October 2021  
  19. Taipei Customs Seeing Rise in E-cigarette Seizures  
  20. Statistical Bulletin No.20- As of Aug. 2021, 123 cross-border electronic services have declared business tax, with a total amount of NT$18.1 billion accumulated since May 2017    
  21. Statistical Bulletin No.19-In the past six years, the degree of export dependence of most major countries has declined, especially in Asia   
  22. Export permits issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs prior to the exportation of FTZ specific goods are a prerequisite for expedited clearance processing 
  23. Can a Uniform Invoice Certificate with the Buyer’s Tax Code Number Be Eligible for Invoice Prize Claiming?    
  24. The Finance Minister, Dr. Su Jain-Rong attended the 2021 APEC Virtual Finance Ministers' Meeting; he highlighted Taiwan's commitment to promoting economic recovery and maintaining fiscal sustainability.  
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