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Press Releases Statements(News)

No. Title Publish time
1 Statistical Bulletin No.10-From Jan. to Apr. 2022, both Taiwan's export and import values of batteries hit record high, of which lithium-ion accumulators play a vital role in the growth 2022-05-19
2 Summary of Exports and Imports for April 2022 2022-05-09
3 The press conferences of Exports and Imports Trade statistics and Total Net Tax Revenue statistics of April 2022 will be held virtually 2022-05-03
4 Economic, Trade and Tax Statistics Analysis (April 26, 2022), with an additional report on Taiwan's merchandise trade balance with major markets 2022-04-26
5 Statistical Bulletin No.7- Taiwan's exports value and imports value for 2021 ranked 16th and 17th in the world, while total trade value ranked 16th 2022-04-13
6 Summary of Exports and Imports for March 2022 2022-04-08
7 Statistical Bulletin No.5-From Jan. to Feb. 2022, Taiwan's export value of pineapples, sweetsops and pomelos declined more than 40% because of China's ban on imports 2022-03-17
8 Summary of Exports and Imports for February 2022 2022-03-08
9 Statistics Analysis - Annual External Trade Report in 2021 2022-02-25
10 New items—including export/import partner share, export/import product share, structure of government revenues and expenditures, as well as tax structures—are added to the trade statistics and public financial database from Feb. 15, 2022. 2022-02-15
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