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Press Releases Statements(News)

No. Title Publish time
1 MOF Issues “A11106R” 5-Year Central Government Bond 2022-06-27
2 Statistical Bulletin No.12-The import value of petroleum increased by 75.6% from Jan. to May 2022 and annual value is expected to hit record high in nearly 8 years 2022-06-23
3 The Announcement of Government Bond and Treasury Bill Issuance in the 3rd Quarter of FY2022 2022-06-23
4 Taipei Customs and Aviation Police Bureau Jointly Seized Marijuana Buds Weighing About 133 Kilograms. 2022-06-22
5 Statistical Bulletin No.11-Benefiting from the vigorous development of e-commerce and the rise of the pandemic, the number and sales of home delivery and warehousing businesses hit a new high in 2021 2022-06-16
6 In response to the national green energy policy, the National Property Administration established a new system for fish farm and electricity production cooperative relationship on state-owned lands for farming and aquaculture to give equal consideration to fish farmers’ interests and facilitate the diverse use of national lands for the creation of joint benefits. 2022-06-16
7 The new office building of the National Property Administration introduced private sector participation to launch the clean procurement platform and create joint prosperity and joint benefits. 2022-06-16
8 Recognition of Sales Revenue Derived from Exported Goods Shall Be Based on Shipping Method 2022-06-16
9 Profit-seeking Enterprises Selling or Purchasing Goods (Services) Shall Provide or Obtain Certificates 2022-06-16
10 Preliminary Total Net Tax Revenue for May 2022 2022-06-10
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