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What electronic inquiry services does the NTA provide for payees?

To provide convenient and immediate settlement for payees and enhance Treasury payment service quality, the following inquiry services are offered by the NTA:
1. Inquiry service by e-mail or fax: Provide reconciliation information of treasury payments to payees by e-mail or fax for convenient and immediate settlement.
2. Online inquiry service: Payees can inquire reconciliation information for settlement of treasury payments on the NTA website (Inquiry Service Theme for Payees) with their trade and industry certificate, citizen digital certificate or National Health Insurance card (NHI card). Users of the NHI cards must first register on the NHI website and have their passwords set. 
3. Inquiry service of remittance postscript: When conducting remittance operations, the NTA transfers expenditure applications of payment voucher to the postscript of the remittance. When receiving payments remitted from the NTA, payees may acquire reconciliation information of treasury payments simultaneously from financial institutions for settlement.


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