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Announcing the latest information about national and local governments’ debts for public supervision.

1. The NTA has published the “Latest Information about the National Debt” since December 7, 2010 on the homepage of the Ministry of Finance website and on electronic bulletin boards. By referencing the practices executed by the United States Department of the Treasury, the NTA has established a “Latest National Debt Information” area on its website on June 7, 2012 to provide links to information about the central government debt, including the outstanding debt of the central government as a percentage of the gross domestic product, etc.
2. From December 2012, the NTA has effectively increased the number of revealed locations for LED clocks to show the national debt and debts of local governments. Currently, these clocks are present at more than two thousand locations.
3. To enable the public to understand the latest debt situation of the central government in a timelier manner, the NTA has adjusted the frequency of   updating its data from monthly to weekly since fiscal year 2016.
4. As of May 31, 2022, the amount of outstanding debt of the central government with a maturity of 1 year or longer was NT$5,849.8 billion; the amount of outstanding debt of the central government with a maturity of less than 1 year was NT$317 billion; and the average burden of debt per capita was NT$266,000.

This reminds each level of government to strengthen developing revenue sources and to reduce expenditures. The NTA urges the public to monitor the situation of the national debt.


Issued:National Treasury Administration Release date:2019-05-15 Last updated:2022-06-15 Click times:370