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EZ Way, the APP for Real Name Authentication of the Consignees of Import Express Shipments, is launched to protect the rights and interests of the people
  • Content:
In response to disputed cases among the public arising from the increase in cross-border consumption in recent years, such as declarations with false identity, shopping scams, and circumvention of import regulations, Taiwan Customs has launched the “EZ WAY/Real Name Authentication (RNA)” APP since September 2018. Importers of express consignments can verify the customs declaration information imported in their name on the APP, and send feedback on whether the goods and prices declared to Customs are correct. EZ WAY integrates the information of multiple parties involved in customs clearance in the supply chain, simplifies the handling of customs declaration authorization issues, and protects the personal information of the public. Benefits of the APP also include reducing the compliance costs derived from legal authorization and preventing unscrupulous businessmen from impersonation and false declaration.
  • Performance:
As of the end of September 2023 , the number of registered real-name authorization was over 5.86 million and the number of customs declarations completed with real-name certification accounted was over 132.46 million, which accounts for 79.67% of simplified declarations, a dramatic increase compared with the 1.6% of 2019.
Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2023-10-12 Last updated:2023-10-12 Click times:8602