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The electronic full-process for Bonded Intelligence Service Platform to realize convenient service and intelligent management
  • Content:
To provide convenient bonded service and enhance administrative supervision effectiveness, Customs built the Bonded Intelligence Service Platform, which was launched on October 27, 2019. It integrates services for nine bonded areas consisting of duty-free shop, offshore island duty-free shop, bonded warehouse, logistics center, bonded factory, science park, technology industrial park, free-trade zone (FTZ), and agricultural technology park, and provides full-process e-application service, intelligent bonded management operation, and cross-zone transport tracking and monitoring mechanism.
1. The service of full-process e-application provides bonded operators with the convenience of paperless e-applications, attachment delivery, progress inquiries, etc.
2. The operation of intelligent bonded management provides customs officers remote monitoring and online approval functions. It also enhances customs remote audit efficiency by intelligent data analysis tools such as dynamic condition queries, automatic alerts, and visualized diagrams.
3. The FTZ Cargo Cross-zone Transport Tracking and Monitoring System utilizes GPS, vehicle equipment reporting back function, and geographical information to provide bonded operators and customs officers with monitoring of FTZ trucks’ movement routes and real-time cargo delivery situations through mobile devices. Moreover, abnormal states would trigger alerts to notify supervised officers.
  • Performance:
1. As of the end September 2023, Bonded Intelligence Service Platform provided 251 services of e-application, processed 152.4 thousand cases, and saved over 914 thousand hours of operation time. The process is effectively simplified, and operating cost is significantly reduced for bonded operators.
2. The operation of intelligent bonded management streamlines customs officers’ online approval process, fulfilling the policy of energy-saving. Meanwhile, Bonded Smart Case Selection System assists customs officers to more efficiently perform remote audits and reduces the cost of on-site inspection.
3. The FTZ Cargo Cross-zone Transport Tracking and Monitoring System allows bonded operators and customs officers to track the real-time state of cargoes, so as to enhance business management quality and the effectiveness of customs supervision.
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