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Introducing innovative information technology to promote Cross-Agency Vehicle Import Information services, big data pilot operations and personal data protection mechanisms.
  • Content:
1. Through real-time data exchange and full-process control to strengthen the information transparency of imported vehicles, the "Cross-Agency Vehicle IImport Information Service" launched in November 2018 is the platform that Customs has committed to cooperate with related agencies.
2. For expanding cloud security services, the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system has been deployed so as to prevent data breaches, strengthen Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) defense mechanisms, enhance Government Configuration Baseline (GCB) management, and intensify security of networks and hosts.
3. The pilot of big data analysis is to strengthen the Customs’ ability to analyze and screen high-risk targets. The big data analysis environment has integrated cross-agency information and completed two models on recognizing high-risk targets.
  • Performance:
1. The process of "Cross-Agency Vehicle Import Information Services" has been simplified and rebuilt with transparency, so as to improve inter-agency data sharing and raise the competitiveness of the stakeholders effectively. From November 2018 to September 2023, the platform has handled a total of 1.27 million imported vehicles, saving 5.04 million  hours of operation time.
2. The DLP system formed a more secure cloud mechanism and information operating environment, deepened the service scope of information security, and ensured data security for stakeholders.
3. The adaptation of the big data analysis pilot improves the capability of risk analysis and identification on high-risk targets for Customs to enable effective operation time reduction and risk management.
Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2023-10-12 Last updated:2023-10-12 Click times:959