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Continue breeding and training narcotic detector dogs, and assist other law enforcement agencies in training operational dogs
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1. The performance of detector dog teams has been excellent since the establishment of the Customs Detector Dog Program. At present, Taiwan Customs has deployed 40 narcotic detector dogs at regional Customs and aims to expand the number to 44 by the end of 2025. In addition, Taiwan Customs continuously developed and extended the scope of detection capability. In 2014, Taiwan Customs started the 1st tobacco dog training course and now deploys 1 dog at Detector Dog Breeding and Training Center.
2. Customs Administration(CA) and the Military Police Command(MPC) have signed agreements on cooperation of training explosives and narcotic detector dogs on July 2, 2018 and August 27, 2019, respectively, to assist in establishing the Explosives Detector Dog Team and Narcotic Detector Dog Team, thus increasing the training capability. The agreements stated above was implemented until the end of 2021 and 2022, respectively. CA and MPC have signed the renewal agreement on August 26, 2022 to assist MPC in the supplement of operational dog teams.
  • Performance:
1. Customs Detector Dog Teams (DDTs) assisted in detecting 560 drug cases with a total weight of 7,742 kilograms from 2018 to September 2023. The Tobacco Detector Dog Team in Kaohsiung Customs assisted in detecting 1,040 and 1,418 cartons of smuggled cigarettes on January 30, 2018 and June 21, 2019.
2. Six explosives detector dogs were trained under a cooperation program launched in 2018 between the CA and MPC. From 2019, CA provided MPC with qualified canines and the assistance of training narcotic detector dogs. CA has assisted in the instruction of professional explosives detector dog trainers, narcotic detector dog trainers, and training aid control officers, which set up a good example of sharing public sector resources. As of the end of  September 2023, CA has assisted the MPC in forming 18 detector dog teams.
3. From 2009, Customs Administration has provided other law enforcement agencies with 218 appropriate canines, which have been trained as various operational dogs.
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