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National land with an area above 1,650 square meters is not for sale and should be developed and utilized with diverse methods


The President announced Article 53 of the National Property Act on January 4, 2012 by President Order Hua Tsung (1) Yi Zi No. 10000297431 to state that “Non-public use of vacant houses, land with no specific use and its area is less than 1,650 square meters shall be sold by public tendering by the National Property Administration, MOF. If its area is 1,650 square meters or more, it shall not be sold by public tendering.


National land with an area of more than 1,650 square meters is not allowed to be sold. In accordance with the four major development strategies, they shall be used to establish superficies, facilitate the participation in urban renewal, be jointly improved and utilized with competent authorities of relevant industries, and be developed in cooperation with the private sector. This will promote the development and utilization of national land, prevent property from sitting idle, and create a sustainable financial resource for the state.

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2021-04-14 Last updated:2021-09-13 Click times:279