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Work with the Target Businesses for Joint Improvement of the Utilization of National Lands to Promote Local Construction and Facilitate Industrial Development

Content: Work with the competent authority of relevant target businesses to jointly improve the utilization of national lands, from building and operating tourist hotels, resort zones, recreation zones, to developing national lands into malls, markets, cinemas, software parks, industrial parks, cultural and innovative parks, and long-term care centers. There were substantial cases of such utilization. By attracting private capital and professional investment, it can facilitate significant construction or industries planned by the competent authorities of the target businesses. These projects will help activate the economy and increase sustainable financial income and various taxation opportunities for the government, as well as provide a premium living environment for citizens, achieving the overall performance of multiple facets of the government.

Performance: As of April 2022, we jointly improved the utilization of national non-public use real estate with competent authorities (institutions) of the relevant target businesses, and signed the improvement and utilization contracts for 69 cases. The estimated total revenue is NT$32.7 billion.



Judiciary dormitory in Tainan Development Project
Before development, Judiciary dormitory in Tainan Development Project
Before development
After development, Judiciary dormitory in Tainan Development Project
After development

Issued:National Property Administration Release date:2021-04-14 Last updated:2022-05-10 Click times:294