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What are the international training at the MOFTI?

1. International Taxation Academy:
Since the MOFTI started the first International Taxation Academy in 1984, 1,330 local officials and 270 foreign taxation officials from 61 countries have participated in this academy. This academy is not only to introduce the latest taxation knowledge and tackle the trend of international taxation, but also enhance the friendship with foreign participants and boost cross-border taxation interactions.

2. International Customs Workshop:
Over the past, the MOFTI invited the members of WTO, WCO and EU, as well as senior customs officials and experts from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, to give lectures on the latest international customs regulations and share their practical experience in this workshop, greatly beneficial to collaborating with international customs agencies.

3. International Taxation Seminar:
The MOFTI invited OECD experts to deliver speeches on transfer pricing, tax treaties, SMEs, and so on, to strengthen the tax official’s inspection techniques on multinational tax auditing cases.

4. International Fiscal Policy Workshop:
The MOFTI invited experts from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Asian Development Bank to give lectures on the financial relations between central and local governments, public expenditures, government bonds, government fiscal information system, government budget management and the development of the financial accountability framework, etc., to enhance the efficiency of public finance and raise officials understanding and professional knowledge.    

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