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Measures aiming at supporting the economy and sustaining supply chain continuity

Trade facilitation measures have been adopted to enable companies to resume work as soon as possible:

I. Expediting cargo inspection and release

Lower cargo inspection rate and use on-line duty collection to expedite customs clearance, utilize X-ray inspection equipment to assist investigation for reducing inspection time, and work overtime to conduct inspection to accommodate business schedules. Notably, Taipei Customs provides 24-hour customs clearance service for express air cargoes.

II. Simplifying import documentation

Importers in urgent need of import materials are allowed to use the carbon copy or facsimile of required documents for import declaration, such as commercial invoice and packing list, and then provide the originals after clearance. 

III. Using on-line message comparison instead of paper-based comparison

For the goods subject to import/export regulations, the Customs authority may make an on-line permit message comparison with licensing agencies through the CPT Single Window system to replace paper-based comparison.

Issued:Dept. of Planning Release date:2020-11-09 Last updated:2021-07-12