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  1. Issuance of Decree No. 09840028901 by the Ministry of Finance on November 30, 2009:Interpretive rule in pursuant to Subparagraph 1, Paragraph 2, Article 55-3 of "Enforcement Rules of National Property Act"; for the owner of private building on national land who has entrusted ownership and had remained on utilizing the land until the entrusting action, as the trustee may entitle the status as direct user, if such a trust is regarded as self benefit trust (the trustee and beneficial party have been designated by contract to the same person)
  2. Issuance of Decree No. 09840007701 by the Ministry of Finance on April 24, 2009:Interpretive rule in pursuant to Article 42 and 49 of "National Property Act", for public use real estate under leasehold contract of a agency, when its’ status has been altered to non-public use real estate and referred to the supervision of National Property Administration, such a real estate shall not be eligible to the leasehold conditions provisioned by Subparagraph 1, Paragraph 1, Article 42 of "National Property Act" and purchasing conditions provisioned by Paragraph 1, Article 49 of the preceding Act
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