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National Treasury

No. Title Publish time
1 Strengthen management and rules on tobacco and alcohol. Foster the development of domestic winery industry. 2019-05-15
2 Strengthening the investigation and seizure of illegal or disqualified tobacco and alcohol to protect consumers’safety. 2019-05-15
3 Enrich surplus of the Public Welfare Lottery to care for vulnerable groups. 2019-05-15
4 Expanding the project “Preferential Housing Loans for the Youth” to assist youths to purchase their own house. 2019-05-15
5 Execute the Public Debt Act to strengthen debt management 2019-05-15
6 Announcing the latest information about national and local government debts for the public to monitor. 2019-05-15
7 Promote payment mechanism of withholding from income of central government agency employees, various income taxes and public utility fees in order to reduce the number of Treasury checks issued. 2019-05-15
8 Promotion of e-application of National Treasury Payment task to provide quality service. 2019-05-14
9 Promote paying non-tax revenues by remittance to the National Treasury to improve the efficiency of government finance. 2019-05-14
10 Actively raising funds to support government expenditures. 2019-05-14
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