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National Property

No. Title Publish time
1 Facilitate a Friendly Environment for Agriculture and Sustainable Utilization of Resources in Accordance with the Organic Agriculture Promotion Act 2021-11-30
2 Limit scope of sale of leased national non-public use real estate in order to preserve large tracts of national land 2021-04-14
3 Specify the principle of selling private land mixed with national non-public use land to promote administrative efficiency 2021-04-14
4 Promote cooperation with the private sector to jointly develop national land in order to obtain government offices and buildings 2021-04-14
5 National land with an area above 1,650 square meters is not for sale and should be developed and utilized with diverse methods 2021-04-14
6 Clearing and activating national real estate to increase the Treasury’s income 2021-04-14
7 Increase the Benefits of Asset Revitalization in line with National Social Welfare Policies 2021-04-14
8 Keeping in line with the solar photovoltaic project of the Executive Yuan, providing land for the solar photovoltaic establishment 2021-04-14
9 Work with the Target Businesses for Joint Improvement of the Utilization of National Lands to Promote Local Construction and Facilitate Industrial Development 2021-04-14
10 Entrusted operation of parking lots to promote private investment 2021-04-14
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