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1 Top article Can foreign travelers only collect the tax refund in cash? 2020-11-29
2 Top article How do I download a tax bill with three barcodes to pay taxes for trading securities privately, other than filling out a Securities Transaction Tax Bill? 2020-11-29
3 Top article If I win a $500 Cloud Invoice Prize for any cloud invoice stored on my device, may I redeem the prize at any nearby convenience store, PX Mart, or Simple Mart? 2020-11-29
4 Top article How much commodity tax refund can I get for scrapping an old large vehicle and purchasing a new one? 2020-09-25
5 Top article How should I correct any mistakes in the business tax data filed via the Internet? 2020-09-25
6 Top article What types of electric appliances are eligible for commodity tax refund after purchase? 2020-09-25
7 Top article Is it necessary to declare the value of an estate if the estate is worth less than the exemption amount? 2020-09-25
8 Will the Administrative Enforcement Agency enforce tax payment if taxpayers file an application for recheck and fail to pay taxes payable within 30 days after the last day of the period for payment of the tax? 2021-03-29
9 How does an individual apply online for data on various incomes? 2020-09-20
10 What type of business revenues earned by a foreign enterprise from its operations in the Republic of China is eligible for income calculation in accordance with Article 25 of the Income Tax Act? 2020-09-16
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