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1 Top article What is the taxable scope of individual house and land transaction income tax? 2021-09-11
2 Top article What is the deadline for the filing of individual house and land transaction income tax return? 2021-09-11
3 Top article In the event of a divorce, should one spouse file a gift tax return for alimony given to the other spouse? 2021-09-11
4 Top article When should a tax return be filed for the property owned by the heir after his/her death as determined by a court judgment? 2021-09-11
5 Top article Are newly established companies that have no revenue required to file business tax return? 2021-09-11
6 Top article How does an individual apply online for data on various incomes? 2021-09-11
7 Top article What is the time limit for a profit-seeking enterprise filing a liquidation report? 2021-09-11
8 Top article In 2020, if the sale of house and land acquired in 2019 has been reported in accordance with the regulations, but an omission of taxable income was identified by the inspecting authority, can the penalty be reduced after the amount is paid? 2021-09-11
9 Top article Can foreigners who purchase a new refrigerator, new air conditioner, or new dehumidifier in Taiwan that meets the requirements of Economic Energy Efficiency rating of Grade 1 or 2 apply for commodity tax refund? 2021-09-11
10 Top article Is trading of uncertified shares subject to securities transaction tax? 2021-09-11
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