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Financial Administration

No. Title Publish time
1 How can I learn more about the major operations of the Ministry of Finance (MOF)? 2022-09-07
2 What is tax expenditure? What are the main tax expenditure items of Taiwan? 2022-09-06
3 How can one access Ministry of Finance publications? 2022-09-06
4 What is the “Public Finance Review”? How does one subscribe? 2022-09-06
5 What is sovereign credit rating? What are the sovereign credit rating results of Taiwan? 2022-09-06
6 What is the tax burden rate of Taiwan in recent years compared with other countries? 2022-09-06
7 Is there a “Minister’s Mailbox”? How are letters to the Minister handled? 2022-09-06
8 Where can I learn more about the promotion of gender equality in the Ministry of Finance? 2022-09-06
9 What are the index of import and export? 2022-07-16
10 Where the tender notices being published for individual procuring case? Will the procurement entities provide English tender notices? Does the tender notice specify that the tender is applicable to the GPA? 2022-06-17
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