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Let's Go to the NTBT to Get Goodies, during the Lantern Festival

National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance (NTBT) expresses that to celebrate the coming day of the Lantern Festival, NTBT will hold the uniform invoice advocating and taxation propaganda-Getting fortunate by Catching Taxing Elves, in the open space in front of the entrance of NTBT building (2 Sec 1, Zhonghua Road, Taipei City) by February 11, 2017 (Saturday 15:00 – 20:00).

NTBT indicates that with the great opportunity of crowd gathering by Lantern Festival, NTBT especially hold the activity to promote the concept of receiving the E-invoice while shopping. The content of the propaganda is as follows :

Goody 1: Apply the mobile phone barcode in place with your mobile phone and email address, you can get a lovely gift.

Goody 2:Join Taipei Taxation Bureau Tax Elf's fan page to check in and click like bottom, you can get an amazing gift.

Goody 3: Donate invoices of Jan-Feb 2017 and complete the taxation game or answer questions for useful gifts. All invoices will be given to charity.

Goody4: There are two cute taxing elf dolls which flash around the NTBT booth from time to time to attract people's attention. Those who catch and have photo with the elf dolls, and upload the pictures on personal facebook can get a mysterious gift.

Goody5: Take picture with NTBT sign on that day (15:00 – 20:00), and send the picture to our bureau's facebook, leave a message and click Good on it, so you will be able to join the lucky drawing and have a chance to get a prize.

NTBT kindly reminds there is traffic control on the day of Lantern Festival nearby the place of activity, so please come to join the event by MRT and get goodies.


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