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The National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area invites you to enjoy a Joint Calligraphy Exhibition.

"The Union of Brush and Ink" Joint Calligraphy Exhibition is being presented by the couple Lu Huo Wang and Huang Mei Hui at an arts exhibition on the 9th floor at The National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area, Ministry of Finance, from January 17th to March 28th,2017. All are most welcome.

  The Bureau indicated that Lu and Huang have studied calligraphy with the master Chang Tian Yuan for over 20 years. Lu dabbles in calligraphy diversely and widely. He not only excels at oracle bone script, bronze inscriptions, small seal script, regular script, clerical script, as well as running and cursive scripts, but also at seal carving. His work won the championship of the adult division in the 2003 Tainan County calligraphy contest. Huang learned calligraphy in the running and cursive scripts initially. She now specializes in oracle bone script, bronze inscriptions, and seal script. Her works advocate the beauty of nature and have no affectation. She won the Award of Excellence of the Tainan City art contest in 2011 and Honorable Mention in 2013.

  The Bureau further expressed that, Lu and Huang, an affectionate couple who share a common interest in calligraphy, are inseparable like brush and ink. They are now sharing on public display their fine and rich collection of more than 30 works which express beauty from an aesthetic viewpoint. Please come and enjoy their masterpieces.

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