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Persons reporting cases of tax evasion according to public information should provide clear facts and specific evidence .

     The National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area (NTBNA), Ministry of Finance indicates that recently people have often reported cases of tax evasion from public information such as the internet, newspapers and magazines, government bulletins, radio, TV, etc. However, without further specific evidence of tax evasion, tax authorities only wind up these cases without investigating them according to the relevant Tax Act.

    The NTBNA explains that persons who report cases of tax evasion should provide the accused’s name (or company name), address (or business address), the relevant  facts of illegal tax evasion, and concrete evidence for investigative purposes. If reporters lack the above, or they obtain their information from the internet, newspapers and magazines, government bulletins, radio and television, etc., the tax authority will give the reporters deadlines to make corrections or provide new evidence. If, however, reporters fail to provide this information before a time limit, the tax authority shall wind up the case without investigation according to the relevant Tax Act.

    The NTBNA would like to remind everyone that, in order to fight against tax evasion efficiently and prevent unnecessary trouble for both sides, reporters should avoid  public information such as false internet messages, newspapers, magazines, or other questionable media to report someone suspected of tax evasion.
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  • Publish date:2017-01-03

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