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The National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area invites you to visit the exhibition “Pastel & Trace”

   The public who enjoy pastel and print arts are welcome to appreciate the joint exhibit “Pastel & Trace” of Su-Chun Liu and Chin-Jou Chen at the gallery on the 9th floor in the National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area, Ministry of Finance, from July 12 to September 28, 2016.

  Miss Liu's painting is a type of painting without using brushes or water- or oil-based paints as media. Her artworks are conducted with techniques such as smearing, rubbing, and stacking or building up layers of color with pastels. Her themes include still life, landscape, and figure painting. Miss Liu tries to express the beauty of nature through these delicate masterpieces.
Miss Chen's prints (which can also be called engravings) present various kinds of artistic conceptions by linear arrangement and the varied combination of light and shade on copper plates. She aims to convey her longing for nature by way of association. Her artworks include four series, “Senses and the world,” “Home,” “Entrance,” and “Digital print.”

  The Bureau indicated that although pastel art and print are totally different types of painting, they both express creators' values from the bottom of their hearts and their deep quests and passions for nature. Please come along and enjoy these masterpieces.

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