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Ten thousand people from all walks of life ran in the Invoice Cup filling Chiayi with love.

Organized by the M.O.F., the family-friendly Invoice Cup road run, an annual event since 2010, has consistently drawn more than ten thousand participants each year. The 2nd annual event of the year was staged in the square in front of the Chiayi County Government building on June 19th (Sunday). Led by Political Deputy Minister of the M.O.F., Chuang Tsai-Tui; Chairman of First Financial Holding Co.Ltd., Tsai Ching-Nain; and the ever-popular Magistrate of Chiayi County, Chang Hua-Kuan, all the runners made their way through Taizi and Gugong Blvd., full of artistic ambience. Passing by the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, the runners could hardly resist having a quick shot. Everyone was in good spirits and enjoyed this healthy, energetic, and charitable holiday.

  The National Taxation Bureau of the Southern Area (NTBSA) indicated that the road run could encourage citizens to exercise more. Additionally, the Invoice Cup also provided an opportunity to further advocate the use of e-invoices and encouraged the collection of invoices from the attendees so that they could be donated to local charities. In order to encourage people to run for love and live a happier and healthier life, this ceremony of donation revolved around one key concept: To fill Chia (homophone of "family" in Mandarin) with love.

  The Bureau further added that, with the combined efforts of all the subsidiaries of the NTBSA, First Financial Holding Co., Fiscal Information Agency, National Property Administration, Kaohsiung Customs, Chiayi branch of Administrative Enforcement Agency, National Health Insurance Administration-Southern Division, Chiayi Motor Vehicles Office, Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces, Chiayi Forest District Office, Chiayi Airport, Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation, Taiwan Power Company, Chunghwa Telecom Co., and all the departments of the Chiayi County Government, the total number of invoices collected exceeded 320,000. All the invoices have been donated to five charitable organizations in Chiayi County, including Chiayi County Spinal Cord Injuries Association, Corporate Judicial Chiayi County Psyche Health Sustain Partner Comity, Chiayi County Zhu-Ju-Er Educational Foundation with Zhu-Ju-Er Intelligence Development Center, Chiayi County Welfare Association for the Advancement of Multiple Impairments of Hearing, and the Charity Union Association of the Chiayi County. We would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all those for embracing this charitable community event with love.

  We would like to remind all the friends who enjoyed the road run that the next run will be held in Changhua on September 4th. You are welcome to invite your friends and relatives to join this healthful and philanthropic activity. For more details about the Invoice Cup road run, please visit


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