Date: 2016/08/29

1.Review of the regulations of treasury affairs in order to enhance treasury management. 2.Establishment of a sound treasury management system to enhance the efficiency of government administration. 3.Implementing “The Sound Finance Program” and raising revenues so as to provide funding resources to support government administration. 4.The electronic mechanism for handling applications from different agencies for payment service, account numbers and authorization to use the system was set up while establishment of special funds and implementation of National Treasury electronic payment operation by local governments were also promoted to extend the coverage of electronic payment. 5.Implementation of the new system of the “Public Debt Act” to strengthen debt control. 6.Strengthening of the management of the public debt; the raising of funds for national construction projects. 7.Strengthening the financial planning of public infrastructure projects; enhancing the financial performance of these projects. 8.Reviewing the amendment of the “Act Governing the Allocation of Government Revenues and Expenditures” and adopting a matching mechanism to ensure adequate financial resources for local governments before the completion of the amendment. 9.Strengthening the assistance provided to local governments to enhance local fiscal adequacy and autonomy. 10.Continuation of the handling of the managerial affairs of the government’s shareholdings; strengthening of efficiency in the management of national assets; increase the benefits to the national treasury. 11.Implementing “The Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act” in order to increase the efficiency of tobacco and alcohol administration and to enforce the inspection and seizure of illegal products.

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