Webpage Dedicated to VAT on Cross-Border Electronic Service Is Built in the ETax Portal, Ministry of Finance. All Are Welcomed to Make More Use of It.
National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance (NTBT) expressed that, coping with that the amendment of the “Value-added and Non-value-added Business Tax Act” made on December 28, 2016 will take effect on May 1 this year (2017), the eTax portal, Ministry of finance (website: http://www.etax.nat.gov.tw/) has set up a webpage for “VAT on Cross-Border Electronic Service”(Chinese and English user interface included). Simple taxation registration application may be processed online and global connection will make no more time delay, it is welcomed to make more use of this new service.
NTBT interpreted that, the webpage for “VAT on Cross-Border Electronic Service” has been online instantly, the foreign suppliers of electronic service may click in that area, browse the login information screen and inquire regulations of relevant laws and make early preparation. However, in accordance with the implementation date of new tax system on electronic service, that area will officially accept the taxation registration application no early than May 1.
NTBT called on that, once the foreign suppliers of electronic service have finished the taxation registration, the public may inquire the public information. In addition to making trading parties’ information transparent and enhancing business activities, this may also timely put revenue into treasury, make them fulfill social responsibilities and enhance reputation of corporation. One movement will accomplish several goals. NTBT sincerely invite foreign suppliers of electronic service to comply with these regulations.
(Contact: Ms. Lai, Section Head of the 4th Examination Division; Tel: 3211-3711 ext. 2550)
Issuing Unit:National Taxation Bureau of Taipei
Publish date:2017-04-28
View Date:2017-04-28
Update Date:2017-04-28