Uniform-Invoice Prize Winning Numbers for November to December, 2016
  The Taxation Administration stated that the EBC Financial News Channel was commissioned to draw the uniform-invoice prize winning numbers for November to December, 2016, live on a special program at 1:30 pm on January 25th, 2017. For each draw, there is 1 winning number for the special prize and another for the grand prize, as well as 3 winning numbers for the first prize to the sixth prize, and 4 additional winning numbers for the sixth prize. The non-physical e-invoice award includes 10 sets of winning numbers for the one-million-dollar prize and 8,000 sets of winning numbers for the two-thousand-dollar prize.
  The Taxation Administration announces the winning numbers as follows : for the special prize of NT$10 million, the winning number is 68789003; that for the grand prize of NT$2 million is 53077074; those for the first prize of NT$200,000 are 69796177, 76868760, and 14952048; those for the second prize of NT$40,000 are 9796177, 6868760, and 4952048 (the last seven digits of the three first-prize numbers); those for the third prize of NT$10,000 are 796177, 868760, and 952048 (the last six digits); those for the fourth prize of NT$4,000 are 96177, 68760, and 52048 (the last five digits); those for the fifth prize of NT$1,000 are 6177, 8760, and 2048 (the last four digits); those for the sixth prize of NT$200 are 177, 760, and 048 (the last three digits); that for the additional sixth prize of NT$200 are 000, 059, 478, and 569 (the last three digits of any uniform-invoice); and those for one-million-dollar prize of non-physical e-invoice award are LN56639489、LP63171773、LU53800235、LY69072143、LY98537325、MA58381942、MA82058297、MA86919891、MB65607224、MG53802789.
  The Taxation Administration reminds the public to check their uniform-invoices in hand. The winning numbers for November to December, 2016 are presented on the eTax Portal on the website of the Ministry of Finance at http://invoice.etax.nat.gov.tw/. In order to receive the prize money, a winner must fill out the form on the back of the uniform invoice and present this with his or her identity document (such as: identity card, residence certificate, passport) from February 6th, 2017 to May 5th, 2017.
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Issuing Unit:Taxation Administration
Publish date:2017-01-25
View Date:2017-01-25
Update Date:2017-01-25