Important Measures
Promotion of Private Participatoin

The PPIP Investment Solicitation Convention Forty-eight infrastructure projects, to an approximate total amount of NT$200 billion, were announced at the PPIP Investment Solicitation Convention by the MOF held at Taipei International Convention Center on 20 March 2014. The projects include PPIP projects, Urban Renewal, Land Development, and Creation of Superficies. In addition, more than 220 representatives from domestic and foreign companies participated, and the Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan Mao Chi-kuo also awarded Distinguished Awards for Excellence at the convention. (Holding of PPIP Investment Solicitation Convention, promotion of private participation in infrastructure projects.)
Website: http://ppp.mof.gov.tw/ppp.website/Refers/Refer/View1.aspx?fId=2525

Issuance of Decree No. 10225518800 by The Department for Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects on 6 December 2013 The Agreement between New Zealand and the Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu on Economic Cooperation, known as ANZTEC, became effective on 1 December 2013, for which, all central government authorities-in-charge must observe the provisions of Chapter 11 Government Procurement of the ANZTEC in executing the Promotion of Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects.

The 2013 Investment Solicitation Convention was held on June 21, 2013. 1.A total of over NT$ 180 billion in business opportunities were announced for private participation in infrastructure projects so that prospective investors may prepare in advance to grasp the opportunities. 2.The authorities-in-charge held a briefing on flagship projects and set up business solicitation counters to exchange ideas face-to-face with prospective investors, seek suggestions for market investment so that project planning will meet the needs of the market and bring about economic development.

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