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Based on Article 20 of the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act, the Ministry of Finance will abolish the establishment permits of those importers who have not conducted any tobacco or alcohol import business for two successive years

The Ministry of Finance(MOF) made an announcement that according to Article 20 of the “Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act,” a tobacco and/or alcohol importer shall surrender its license back to the MOF within thirty days upon the fact that the importer has not conducted any tobacco and/or alcohol import business for a period of two successive years. The tobacco and alcohol import license will be canceled and the establishment permit thereto abolished if the importer thereof fails to surrender its license by the timeline.

The above stipulation went into effect on January 1, 2015 and will reach an enforcing period of two years on the final day of this year 2016. The MOF reminds the importers who have so far not conducted any import of tobacco and/or alcohol since January 1, 2015 and have no intention of continuing their tobacco and/or alcohol import business to protect their rights by surrendering their licenses and applying for a refund of the remaining proportion of paid annual fees for 2016. Those who surrender their import licenses by December 31, 2016 are free from paying annual fees for the year 2017.

In accordance with paragraph 3, Article 4 of the “Fee Standards for Examination of Applications, Issuance of Certification, and Granting of Permission as Charged to Importers and Producers of Tobacco and Alcohol Products,” the refund is calculated based on the number of months beginning with the month after the import license is surrendered before the end of that year. That is, if an importer surrenders its import license by the end of October this year, that importer will be refunded with a two-month (for November and December) portion of the annual fee, or one thousand New Taiwan dollars.

The “Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act,” the said Fee Standards, related regulations, application forms, and procedures are all available on the website of the Tobacco and Alcohol Business of the National Treasury Administration, Ministry of Finance. Website:

• Contact Person: Mr. Stefan LIN, Tobacco and Alcohol Management Division, National Treasury Administration, Ministry of Finance
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