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The MOF got an "A" from WB by actively promoting FMIS with relevant agencies

  As of the beginning of January 2016, The World Bank (WB) released its latest FMIS (Financial Management Information System, FMIS) rating results of 198 economies. The R.O.C. was graded an “A,” equal to the USA, UK, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, etc., which showed our endeavor in promoting FMIS; thus, the WB provided an acknowledgement of our significant results.
  According to the definitions of the WB, FMIS is a set of information procedures composed of budget preparation, national treasury system, auditing, and assessment procedures that enable governments to make decisions based on reports being generated from revenue and expenditure records produced from the above. Due to greatly different degrees of FMIS between economies, the WB divided them into four stages regarding the maturity of their situations; (1) D group - lacks automated systems, (2) C group - has developed an automated national treasury system, (3) B group - has developed the FMIS system, and (4) A group - has developed an integrated FMIS system.
  To increase government fiscal predictability and transparency, the MOF has actively established mechanisms for sharing financial information with the DGBAS (Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, R.O.C.) and the R.O.C. Central Bank. This has led to improving the efficiency of data-sharing and to increasing fiscal transparency by promoting open-data policies following those of the National Development Council through the establishment of providing free internet access to our fiscal information. The results have been significant. The WB recognized our FMIS improvement and re-classified us from the "C" group to the "A" group in the latest version of its "FMIS and OBD (Open Budget Data) Dataset" posting on its FMIS CoP (Community of Practice) websites. The MOF will continuously promote integrating FMIS to better strengthen decision-making support, to enhance our government’s competitiveness, and sustain fiscal development.

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