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Ministry of Finance in Cracking down Illegal Tobacco and Alcohol Products up to February 2011

A.Up to February 2011, a total of 334 illegal cases were successfully ferretted out by the anti-smuggling units of Ministry of Finance and the detective units of local governments(including 275 cases involving illegal and disqualified tobacco and alcohol products, and 59 other violations.) A total of 1,126,022 packs of illegal tobacco and a total of 181,637.22 liters of illegal alcohol products were seized, valued at $77,843,695 in total. B.During the period of February 2011, a decrease of 2,252,000 packs of illegal tobacco and an increase of 88,900 liters of illegal alcohol products were seized as compared with the same period last year.(For details sees the appendix)
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  • Publish date:2011-03-17

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