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The National Property Administration will lease cultural assets through open tenders starting from 2015

In response to the “Criteria and Terms of Collection of the Rents for National Cultural Assets Not in Public Use” which was officially approved by the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) on December 15, 2014, the National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance will activate the use of cultural assets by means of leasehold through open tenders starting from 2015. Through such efforts, places of historical interest, historical constructions, and other such cultural assets will be put into activated reuse by means of non-government resources. Currently there is a total of 80 sites of national cultural assets (including 47 places of historical interests and 33 historical constructions) under the jurisdiction of the National Property Administration, as pointed out by the National Property Administration itself. The competent authorities in charge of the cultural assets in the Central Government and at local government levels shall be subsequently designated one after another according to law. That means the quantity of cultural assets will continually increase. Currently, the government holds a policy to take advantage of efforts from non-governmental cultural organizations or cultural & historical enthusiasts to help operate and manage those cultural assets. If the annual rents for such cultural assets are charged on the grounds of the rates for ordinary national real estate, those cultural organizations or cultural & historical enthusiasts might not be interested. In accordance with Article 9 of the “Regulations Governing Management over Leasehold of National Real Estate not in Public Use,” therefore, the National Property Administration reported to the Executive Yuan (the Cabinet) for approval. Under Cabinet approval, national cultural assets shall be put under open tender. The reserved minimal rent shall be fixed with reference to the rates prevalent in the markets on the premise of not being below all payable taxes (including land tax and building tax). The successful tenders are exempted from rent during the periods where the national cultural assets are under maintenance & repair in accordance with the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act. After the tenderers are successfully awarded the tenders for leaseholds of national cultural assets, they should work out repair and reuse plans and submit them to the competent authorities in charge of cultural assets. The successful tenderers may not start operating and using the national cultural assets until such plans are approved. Such administrative procedures will help assure sound preservation of the cultural assets, added the National Property Administration. Press Contact: Mr. Yi, Section Chief Tel.: 02 -2771-8121, Ext. 1241
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