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National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance and Taichung City Government co-develop the dormitory cluster of public-owned real-estate property and land of Audit Village

The National Property Administration (NPA), Ministry of Finance and Taichung City Government are actively promoting the “Reaching-for-Stars Youth, Dream-Come-True in Taichung” program, with the planning and development of the dormitory cluster of public-owned real-estate property and land in the east part of Audit Village on Minsheng Road, West District, Taichung City in order to provide space for cultural and creative industries, provide counseling for young micro-entrepreneurs, allow for the promotion of composite theme cultural and creative industries, construct a cultural and creative tourism industry cluster, and create a more favorable platform and opportunities for aspiring young entrepreneurs. According to the NPA, the project site is zoned as a Category II residential area. It is located at the intersection of the new and old business districts in Taichung City and is full of historical sites which are representative of the development of the city and has the richest cultural atmosphere in Taichung City. The dormitory cluster is located to the east and west of Lane 368 Minsheng Road. The section on the east side is 780-ping with 12 buildings; and, also, Taichung City Government will initiate commercial business activities by leasing out the right to use the real estate. Private sector investment is expected to be NT$21 million after the completion of the development with an estimated NT$500 million in output and the creation of 100 jobs. The section on the west side is to be developed by the NPA and National Chung Hsing University in the joint promotion of the “Youth Micro-Entrepreneurs Industrial Development Plan” for the benefit of industrial clusters that will be complementary to the development of the land lot of the east side of the project. Press Contact: Mr. Lee, Specialist Tel.: 02 -2771-8121 Ext. 1335
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