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2016 ITS Focused on Three Essential Themes

    In order to equip our tax officers with innovative knowledge of international taxation, the Training Institute, Ministry of Finance (MOFTI) is scheduled to hold “The 2016 International Taxation Seminar on E-Commerce, Transfer Pricing, and Beneficial Ownership” from 7th to 11th November, 2016.

The topics of the three major themes include:
Digital Economy – a CIT perspective, History, BEPS, PE, Profit Attribution

    2. PE - change of landscape to a virtual PE

    3. Intangible - Risk and Re-characterisation

    4. Transfer Pricing

    5. Case Study

    This year, MOFTI has invited Mr. Hans van den Hurk and Mr. Pim Gerritsen van der Hoop to come again to lecture on the above-mentioned issues and share their knowledge and valuable experiences with local participants. Mr. Hans van den Hurk is the founder of Cygnus Tax firm in the Netherlands. He has also worked as a professor in international and European tax law at the University of Maastricht. Mr. Pim Gerritsen van der Hoop, director, Global Transfer pricing / International Tax has worked with Deloitte in the Netherlands. He had previously worked on the Transfer Pricing team of the Dutch Tax Authorities for more than 16 years.
    We believe that the five consecutive days of the Seminar will benefit our country greatly in the continuous reform of the tax system conducted by the MOF and further enable our country to keep pace with global trends.

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